Pork Yeah! Beer Belly Deli’s Double Whammy

Posted: November 29, 2013 in Food, Inland Empire, Restaurant
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Ask anyone about the three most important things about a particular place, and he or she will answer Location, Location, and Location. The location of any establishment ultimately determines the fate of the tenant. A location’s desirability takes into account more than just foot or vehicle traffic. Some places will see thousands of cars and pedestrians pass by daily, yet rarely see actual customers. For example, one of my favorite local establishments Shortnin’ Bread closed earlier this year, and in the span of just five months, that location has changed ownership twice. No matter how much love fans and locals will throw at a place, if said establishment exists in an inauspicious spot, the place may eventually fall. When we discover great businesses in less than desirable places, we naturally spread the word to friends and family about the place in hopes of driving business to the place to keep them in business. When I first discovered Beer Belly Deli tucked away behind an already popular restaurant, I knew I had to get the word out about this place.

Located at the back of a small strip mall behind the locally popular Eureka Burger, Beer Belly Deli takes a deli, a sports bar, a restaurant, and a gastropub, and mixes them all into one to form this modern deli restaurant. Like a deli, Beer Belly Deli serves the typical cold sandwiches, hot sandwiches, wraps, salads, and more, but with some modified ingredients to give this menu a more unique feel than standard delis. Guests can either order at the counter, or receive full service with a host and server. Beer Belly Deli also features a bar that not only has some televisions on the wall for the guests’ viewing pleasures, but stocks a grand selection of craft beer and wines. Servers here will not shy away from attempting to pair a craft beer with your meal, depending on what meal you order. For example, if you order the Double Whammy, a server may pair it with a pale ale. The Double Whammy sandwich costs $11.95, and consists simply of a heaping scoop of slow-roasted pulled pork & sliced mild Italian sausages, smothered with tangy BBQ sauce. All sandwiches, burgers, and wraps come with a side, which include chili, baked beans, sweet potato tots, and more.

If you seek comfort food in Claremont at its freshest, look no further than Beer Belly Deli. Remember to enter the building via the hall in the middle, and walk towards the back of Eureka Burger on the right. Although Beer Belly Deli serves beer and wine, guests of all ages may dine here, and Beer Belly Deli even has a kids’ menu, where every item costs $6.95. Beer Belly Deli may have landed an awkward location, but its wide dining area allows for private parties and for local musicians to play here. Check out Beer Belly Deli, and discover what small-town charm can do.

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