The 2nd Annual Machinima Interactive Film Festival – Creative Minds At Work

Posted: November 26, 2013 in Events, Los Angeles
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The 2nd Annual Machinima Interactive Film Festival took off this past weekend at the iam8bit gallery in Echo Park. This free and all-ages event displayed short films and film trailers of independent film enthusiasts from around the world. Hundreds of film hopefuls have submitted their work to hoping to make the finals, with 40 videos making it to the final voting round. Although all of these original films fit into many different categories, most of the films revolved around geek culture – video games, comics, sci-fi, etc. To see all of this year’s entrants into the film festival, click here for the YouTube playlist, which includes some videos not shown at the actual festival.

An opening night reception took place Friday night, complete with complimentary food and drinks from local food trucks plus Lucky Buddha Beer. This reception would see the bulk of the entire weekend’s attendees, filling up the entire venue to capacity. Attendees also did not shy away from posting tons of pictures of drinking the free beer, showing the packed crowd of the reception night. I did not attend the reception, but attending the following day revealed that not many more people went back to the venue following the Friday night reception. Still, this meant that I could watch the various films peacefully without much exterior noise or distractions.

By clicking on the YouTube playlist linked above, you can watch all of the film submissions at your leisure. I watched a handful while at the festival, and I personally enjoyed these videos, in no particular order:

Of particular note, I truly enjoyed Controller. This Japanese film trailer depicts a girl who has absolute control over everything in the world via her mind, her struggle to want to live a normal life with her boyfriend, and the corporation who wants to seize her for their own malicious plans. If this film ever gets westernized, I can foresee a large anticipation for such a movie.

Interested in the results of the voting? Like Machinima on Facebook for the latest in their film festival, and to hear about the results first-hand when they report it. Make sure you save this weekend on your schedule for next year too, when returns for their third year of film submissions.


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