The Misfits, The Dickies, D.I., and The Attack Fire It Up in Southern California

Posted: November 21, 2013 in Events, Music, Orange County, Punk Rock
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Some big names in punk rock came to Southern California this past weekend, as The Misfits toured their way through Los Angeles and Orange County. As one of the most influential bands in punk rock, The Misfits always generate buzz wherever they roam, as thousands of fans will do whatever it takes to see them live. Although mainstream media does not pick them up, many of today’s popular rock bands credit The Misfits as an inspiration for starting a band. Along with some other great punk bands, The Misfits played two shows last weekend on consecutive nights, leaving the countless fans drained of energy yet full of pride. Although I made it to both shows, this post will cover just the Orange County show since I made it to that show on time.

The Attack started off the night strong with their 30-minute set. As the only band touring with The Misfits for the entire tour, for The Attack to play first boggles my mind, as a band at that level normally plays just prior to the headliner. Nevertheless, The Attack carried on, playing hardly like an opening band. They gave it everything, making it appear that some other band had gone on prior to them. With this much intensity starting the night, the pit would just get crazier by the minute.

The big punk names kept coming, as D.I. played next. Their set list has not changed from previous shows this year, so if you have seen D.I. at all this year, you know what songs to expect. Typical for D.I., vocalist Casey Royer talks about the most random things between songs. I did not even remember anything he said because he just went on about irrelevant subjects that did not relate to each other. Fans all stick around for the memorable performances and catchy songs, giving D.I. a strong fan base that will not dissipate any time soon.

Up next, The Dickies arrived on stage for their turn to play. Anyone who has seen The Dickies recently would recognize the set list as nearly identical to previous shows. This classic punk band makes use of various props to emphasize the points in some songs. Vocalist Leonard Graves Phillips utilizes these props, as well as dances in an eccentric and bouncy manner. The combination of his antics plus the exuberance of the rest of the band has kept The Dickies relevant all the way up to 2013 and beyond. Long live The Dickies.

After a dark lighting display paired with an eerie musical introduction, The Misfits calmly took their spots on stage to a sea of raging fans. Wasting no time with their 75-minute set, they dove right into their songs and played back-to-back with little to no downtime between songs. Silent moments did not last very long, as The Misfits transitioned to the next song at the end of each song. As the room had filled up by now, the pit had also filled up, turning into a giant glob of moving bodies. Following their completed set plus an encore, vocalist Jerry Only jumped down to the media row in front of the stage to sign autographs and take photos.

Miss out on The Misfits this past weekend? They continue to tour across the United States, and will embark on an international tour next year. Check their website for a full list of tour dates to see which show will swing by near you.

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