The 1st Annual Seal Beach Restaurant Week Ends with a Chili Cook Off

Posted: November 20, 2013 in Events, Food, Orange County, Restaurant
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Last week, Seal Beach has its first ever Restaurant Week, starting on Tuesday and lasting through Saturday, culminating in a chili cook off involving local restaurants. Seal Beach bears a lot of history, especially down on Main Street. This small town hangs onto tradition with the many small shops and restaurants all representing an old-town feel. With plenty of fantastic local food & drink spots, Southern Californians regard Seal Beach as a place that will not change, but will always stick around as a go-to spot for what Seal Beach currently has.

With all this going on, you would think that Seal Beach needed their own Restaurant Week instead of just tagging along with Long Beach or West Orange County. At last, Seal Beach finally has one, and they also ended their week with a Chili Cook Off. Taking place this past Saturday afternoon at Hennessey’s Grill, ten Seal Beach restaurants prepared their best renditions of chili to serve to visitors. Costing just $10 to enter, visitors could sample all the chili they could eat, and vote for their favorite chili by the end of the day. In addition, all visitors received a raffle ticket with admission to win prizes from local businesses. The ten participants:

All of the chili tasted fantastic, but only one could win. Beachwood BBQ did a great job with their deconstructed pig chili, full of varied textures and meaty flavor; however, their chili landed them in second place. 320 Main would come out on top as the winner with their chili. I did not catch all of the ingredients, but I do recall that they used prunes to sweeten their chili. The Irisher took third place with their chili verde. Personally, I also liked The Hangout’s chili for the absolutely tender meat used in their stew. Overall, all of the participating restaurants delivered a fun and tasty afternoon, albeit not every restaurant in Seal Beach participated. While Seal Beach Restaurant Week will likely return again next year, you should not wait for that week to start checking out the restaurants. Head on down to Seal Beach soon and explore the many local restaurants and shops down there to experience a true old-town feel.

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