Glassjaw Fans Converge for a Rare Appearance of the Band in Orange County

Posted: November 8, 2013 in Events, Music, Orange County, Punk Rock
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After what surely felt like at least a decade away, Glassjaw returned to Orange County this past Saturday night to headline what appeared as a sold-out show. As one of post-hardcore music’s most influential bands since inception 20 years ago, Glassjaw has garnered a tremendous fan base than spans the globe thanks to their intense performances. Something about vocalist Daryl Palumbo’s presence causes everyone nearby to turn their attentions to him, a quality some could refer to as a je ne sais quoi. The pounding music combined with heartfelt lyrics makes Glassjaw a true force to reckon with in today’s post-hardcore music scene.

Seahaven opened the night with their 30-minute set. They appear to have a huge fan base, if measuring by online numbers, that surpasses that of the next band in the night. This local band plays music difficult to categorize. Their music does not carry the intensity of many songs by Glassjaw, but follows a hard yet slower rhythm, similar to some Deftones songs. I did not hear anything about this band prior to their performance, so I just stood by and enjoyed what they played.

The night’s sub-headliner, Into Another, played a 50-minute set next. Having formed as a band three years prior to Glassjaw, Into Another definitely has had more time to see more in the music industry, albeit they lived through a 12-year hiatus. Despite this, the band members still exhibit excellent musical prowess, with some instrumental sections that could make any aspiring musician jealous that such skill exists. Towards the end of their set, some of the fans started getting restless, disappointed that a band besides the headliner took over 45 minutes to play.

Wasting no time to set up, Glassjaw took to the stage following a quick stage setup. The roar of the crowd greeted the band as they strolled onto the stage with the lights still off. Once the lights came on, Glassjaw jumped immediately into their set, which followed the set from a show earlier this year, sans one song. They minimized their downtime between songs, opting to make quick transitions from song to song, resulting in a set that lasted approximately 70 minutes with no encore. The songs they played:

  • Mu Empire
  • Pink Roses
  • Jesus Glue
  • You Think You’re (John Fucking Lennon)
  • Pretty Lush
  • Star Above My Bed
  • Tip Your Bartender
  • Natural Born Farmer
  • Ape Dos Mil
  • Gillette Cavalcade of Sports
  • Convectuoso
  • Black Nurse
  • Gold
  • Miracle In Inches
  • Two Tabs Of Mescaline
  • Siberian Kiss
  • Babe

Looking for the next Glassjaw show? They have not announced anything currently, but like their Facebook page in the meantime to stay up to date on the happenings of Glassjaw.

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