Fluff Ice – Now Officially Open in Orange County!

Posted: November 6, 2013 in Dessert, Food, Orange County
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The San Gabriel Valley’s favorite iced treat bar has finally set foot in Orange County! As a favorite treat among locals in Los Angeles County, Fluff Ice has come quite a long way with their spin on shave ice. Popularly referred to as shaved snow, Fluff Ice makes their Fluff Ice slightly different than the shaved snow shops you might spot around the world. Fluff Ice makes their product light as a feather, yet packed with the flavor of each kind. On hot summer days, you can expect constant lines at their shops in Monterey Park and Monrovia, ans also at their truck that roams Los Angeles County. Even during the cold seasons, Fluff Ice will continually see a steady stream of customers. Now Orange County residents can get their fill of fluffy goodness at their newest location in Costa Mesa!

The Fluff Ice shop in Costa Mesa just had their grand opening this past Saturday, and to celebrate, they gave out a free small Fluff Ice to the first 100 customers to the shop. In addition, the staff also revealed plans to open another shop at the Irvine Spectrum, as well as more potential locations based on availability of spaces. Those already familiar with Orange County’s Flurries Shaved Snow Bar and ShareMii will find something similar at Fluff Ice, but now with extra fluffiness! For its small size, this location still sells all the popular flavors of the other locations, such as Green Tea or Thai Tea. They did mention a nearby space in the same complex that contains only chairs and tables for their customers, but I did not spot it. Still, do not underestimate this Fluff Ice location based on its small appearance from the outside – what they lack on the outside, they pack on the inside. Check them out on the northwest corner of Harbor and Adams seven days a week. Like their page on Facebook to see what they may come up with next.


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