Blackmarket Bakery’s Cookie Throwdown – Four Bakers Enter, One Cookie Leaves

Posted: November 5, 2013 in Dessert, Events, Food, Orange County
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I always love to support local businesses, and I love it more when local businesses operate humanely with the locals’ well-beings in mind. One such local business, Blackmarket Bakery, serves up delectable delights using local sustainable all-natural ingredients. Their plethora of sweet treats and savory eats has garnered them a huge fan base of people from all around the world, with some people traveling from out of the country just to taste the creations of Blackmarket Bakery. Their selection of goodies changes over time based on the season’s available ingredients, and Blackmarket Bakery has turned these changes into an interactive experience.

Last Friday night, Blackmarket Bakery held a Cookie Throwdown. Four of the bakers each made a different cookie to submit to this contest, where the crowd favorite would make a new home on the menu. Free to the public to attend, each visitor could sample as many cookies as they wanted, but each person received one vote to decide on their favorite cookie. Clockwise from top left:

  • Aldo’s Chocolate Coffee Hazelnut
  • Vicky’s Pistachio Orange Gingersnap
  • Maryla’s Chocolate ChipotlĂ©
  • Elisha’s Chocolate Peanut Butter Sea Salt

Of all these flavors, I voted for the Gingersnap cookie since it tasted the most unique, as I have tasted similar cookies to the other three before. Lo and behold, Vicky’s Oh-Snap cookie won the throwdown! Head over to Blackmarket Bakery soon if you want to try this unique cookie, as they will start serving it sometime this week. Check out everything else they have to offer too, as you cannot go wrong with anything that comes off their shelves.



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