Mad Caddies Headline a Small Reggae Show at The Observatory

Posted: October 30, 2013 in Events, Music, Orange County, Punk Rock, Ska
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On a week filled with many great music performances in Southern California, Mad Caddies headlined a small show in the Constellation Room of The Observatory. Mad Caddies have played on bigger stages before, but they could not get the main stage at The Observatory on this night due to an Alkaline Trio show. Mad Caddies could not select a better date since they had to fly to Canada the following morning. Thankfully, they still decided to play this show, despite the time crunch on their end, and they invited two local reggae bands to play the show with them.

Opening the night, from Los Angeles comes Arise Roots, a roots reggae band. They played a mellow reggae set that lasted about 40 minutes, enough time to get everyone settled in and to feel the vibe of the night’s music selection. No real surprises occurred during their set – they played well, and held onto everyone’s attention the entire time.

Up next, True Press, another band from Los Angeles, played their reggae set. Just like Arise Roots, they played a set that lasted approximately 40 minutes with no real surprises. Compared to Arise Roots, True Press had a few faster songs to start pumping up the crowd for Mad Caddies. The sets played out fine, building up the intensity in the room and the energy in the crowd.

Understand the lack of size of the Constellation Room, and you quickly realize the intimacy of this room. That leaves Mad Caddies with a smaller stage than usual with a crowd directly at their feet. In fact, trombone player Eduardo Hernandez could easily reach the audience with his trombone, and occasionally hit a few audience members in the head throughout the set with his trombone. Their 75-minute set consisted of many of Mad Caddies’ well-known songs, such as Leavin’, Without You, State Of Mind, Silence, Drinking For 11, and more. Their set ran so late that the Alkaline Trio show had already ended, and audience members from that show tried to get into the Mad Caddies show, which looked relatively more exciting with the room-wide circle pit. Alas, the Mad Caddies show, which cost $12, never sold, whereas the Alkaline Trio show cost $30 and sold out a while ago. Too bad Alkaline Trio fans – you will have to see Mad Caddies elsewhere another time.

Miss out on this show? Mad Caddies do not plan to play any shows in the next few months, as they have returned to the studio to work on their next album, which they plan to release in February. Remember to like them on Facebook (linked above) and follow them on Twitter to stay up-to-date on Mad Caddies and what they have coming up!

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