The Sounds’ New Album Out Today + International Tour

Posted: October 29, 2013 in Events, Music, Orange County
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Swedish indie rock band The Sounds releases Weekend, their fifth studio album, today. Having performed since the late 90’s, The Sounds have made quite an impact on multiple genres of music, touching a little of everything throughout all of their songs. With elements of alternative rock, dance, pop, and even punk rock, The Sounds can truly appeal to a large audience, not to mention the undeniable breathtaking beauty of vocalist Maja Ivarsson. The Sounds currently tour across the world, playing shows at sold out venues wherever they travel. Check out their tour schedule on their website, and if they play somewhere near you, grab a ticket fast!

I originally had no intention of attending their Orange County show last week, as I rarely go to shows on a work night. However, I coincidentally spotted a tweet from OC Weekly, and thought it would not hurt to reply to it, so I replied and ended up winning a pair of tickets to the show. I could not pass up this opportunity to see The Sounds, but I would end up arriving just prior to the opening act, which resulted in me paying $10 for parking as the venue’s parking lot had already filled up. I also had not planned to go out immediately following work, and I did not have my normal camera with me, so I shot all of the below photos using my phone.

Speaking of the opening act, an indie-electronica band called Gemini Club opened the show. This funky band does not follow the typical rock band setup of vocalist, guitarist(s), bassist, and drummer. The vocalist would sometimes play a guitar, but two other members alternated between other instruments, which included keyboards, DJ sets, synthesizers, bass guitars, tambourines, and added percussion. They played for a good 45 minutes before closing out their set so The Sounds could set up.

Prior to this show, I had grossly underestimated the fan base of The Sounds. I recognized their popularity, especially with indie rock radio stations or music channels, but I did not expect to see fans go off-the-wall insane. So out comes The Sounds, and they immediately open with Living In America, their most popular song. By now, I understood that the nature of this music would generate an effect on the audience that I do not relate to. I typically partake in crowds that go in a circle, not up and down. However, the jumping fans and crowd-surfing fans still felt familiar, including one guy who managed to jump onto the stage to reveal a tattoo of Maja’s face on his abdomen. Again, I had grossly underestimated their fan base. The rest of the set continued to include more hits like Song With A Mission, Rock & Roll, Seven Days A Week, Painted By Numbers, No One Sleeps When I’m Awake, and Beatbox.

Miss out on this show last week? The Sounds continue to tour across the world, but many of their shows have already sold out, so look up the tour dates, and look for tickets fast! Even if you do not listen to this genre of music, I guarantee you will enjoy the show as much as your favorite music.

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