Patchwork Show: Edible Edition – We Have A Right To Eat Right

Posted: October 10, 2013 in Drinks, Events, Food, Orange County
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With the growing awareness of ingredient sourcing and the all-natural status of foods, today’s consumers have a tough time deciphering the vast terminology in the food & agriculture industry. Food marketers like to insert attention-grabbing phrases on packages, such as “All Natural” “No Trans Fat” and “Sugar Free” in hopes of suckering in the general public into believing an item’s health value higher than normal. The problem lies with the legal loopholes in these phrases. For example, a package can claim no trans fat if a serving contains less than half a gram, but if a 40oz package’s serving size fits on a tablespoon, then one must resort to peering at the ingredients list, for the item may actually have trans fat, despite that label. With all these truths spreading around our community, and big corporations acting quick to debunk our research, we as a society sometimes need to sit down and analyze exactly what we face in the food industry. Some groups/organizations aim to stop the spread of bad information, and present the truth directly from the lips of locals. At the Patchwork Show: Edible Edition, visitors could not only talk to locals, but learn about how the industry impacts human society permanently.

From the creative minds behind Patchwork Fest comes this food edition of their popular indie arts & crafts fair. This two-day food summit brings together Southern California’s top sustainable chefs, restaurants, caterers, bakers, food trucks, bars, mixologists, and more for an outdoor weekend of food, arts & crafts, vendors, music, cooking demos, hands-on workshops, speakers, and more. Folks who have attended a Patchwork Fest in the past will attribute this event as the same event but with a majority of food-based vendors. For those who have not attended a Patchwork Fest, picture a designer arts & crafts fair (example includes Renegade Craft, State of Unique, and Artisanal LA), but with local vendors only. Now at this edible edition, the focus shifts from apparel & merchandise to culinary features, such as hands-on workshops, cooking demos, panels, business education, and more. Always free to attend for all ages, guests could easily find a favorite time to visit the SoCo Collection this weekend and explore the local food & beverage scene.

When you surround yourself with better food like this, you give your body better fuel to run on, resulting in more daily energy and mental clarity. When I say “better food,” I refer to sustainable, local, non-GMO foods where you know exactly where your food came from, and that the ingredients derived from a humane source. From the various vendors and workshops at this edible edition of Patchwork Fest, we learn about the growth of GMO’s and other artificial ingredients all over the country – not surprisingly, the food we eat slowly kills us. Living organisms should not consume unnatural foods ever, as introducing foreign matter into our bodies yields adverse effects. People have jokingly coined the term “food coma” – the tiredness one gets after eating a meal. The truth surrounds the actual foods consumed, which contains artificial ingredients more often than not. Eating local sustainable foods gives your body exactly what it needs to digest, and will not likely inflict food coma, as your body gains energy from eating the right foods. Patchwork Fest plays a strong role in shifting today’s society away from bad foods towards the right foods, and they will continue to host these fests to not only cater to locals, but to spread awareness to support local business and eat local too.

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