The 2013 Cerritos Taste of the Region & Business Expo – The Hidden Gem of Food Fests

Posted: September 13, 2013 in Events, Food, Los Angeles, Restaurant
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The 2013 Cerritos Taste of the Region & Business Expo returned to the Cerritos Center for the Performing Arts this past Tuesday night. Open to all ages, this food fest, colloquially known as the Taste of Cerritos, allows all attendees to sample food, drinks, and dessert from various restaurants from the Cerritos region. Participating restaurants and caterers, which contained more corporate businesses than local businesses, hailed from neighboring cities such as Artesia, Norwalk, and Whittier. At first, this sounds less likely of a taste of the region if attendees mostly sample food from restaurants found nationwide. However, the low admission cost makes this tasting event truly stand out. Unlike many other tasting events that either cost over $40 or cost low but limit how much food attendees may receive, the Taste of the Region costs a mere $5 to enter, then allows attendees to eat & drink all they want until the participating businesses run out of food or drinks. Early arrivals can consider this “$5 All You Can Eat” considering the businesses bring their best food at the beginning, then start to run out after an hour or two. By about two hours into the tasting, over half of the booths had run out of food, so this becomes an early bird case. Also, starting at 4:30pm on a Tuesday makes for a strange time to host such an event.

For the price to enter this annual tasting event & expo, you cannot go wrong unless you arrive late. Keep your eyes peeled for announcements from Cerritos every year around September, as they will run this again next year. It appears that with each year, they shift more towards the business expo while shifting away from the restaurants. Make sure you attend the Taste of the Region next year, as they may scrap the tasting altogether, god forbid, and focus solely on the business expo!


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