Despite a Headliner Loss, Whitekaps Step Up to Entertain the Crowd

Posted: August 6, 2013 in Events, Los Angeles, Music, Punk Rock
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Last Friday, punk rock fans in Southern California amped themselves up for an all-ages Agent Orange show in Baldwin Park. However, for reasons unknown, Agent Orange had dropped out of the night’s lineup, leaving a gigantic hole in the night that would leak out all of the potential attendees. In Agent Orange’s absence, all the other bands scheduled to play the night continued on with the show, and still delivered an entertaining hardcore punk show. Featuring a mix of local bands and a few from Arizona, with no other major punk shows going on this night, punk rock fans would not have wanted to miss this show. Strangely for a punk rock show, all the bands followed the schedule quite nicely, adhering to 30-minute sets and 15-minute setup times consistently throughout the night.

First up, No Paradigm opened the night. As one of the night’s Arizona bands, they understand the Southern California hardcore punk sound. They describe themselves as a mix of The Voids and The Adolescents, but to me, they sound much more like F-Minus than the former two. Overall, No Paradigm provided a solid performance as the opening band, and set the tone for the energy for the rest of the night.

Next up, Rottbite took to the stage. I would go so far as to call Rottbite the most underrated band of the night. Unlike your typical hardcore street punk band that only screams and plays loud music ad nauseum, Rottbite actually has some variety in their music. This local street punk band from Orange County does not just hit everything at once – they follow a method to the urban madness in their music. When you hear Rottbite’s music, you would expect to hear something like this on the radio by now. With talent this great, I expect to see a lot of Rottbite in the near future.

The next of the night’s Arizona bands, Unstable Youth, set up on the stage next. If you recognize some of their members from No Paradigm, reverse the thought with these two bands. No Paradigm actually derived from Unstable Youth, not the other way around. As a result, the two bands share a similar sound, except where No Paradigm carries a female vocalist, Unstable Youth represents the traditional hardcore punk band with a guy on vocals. We also now go back to the in-your-face style of hardcore punk, with the extremely loud music and screams of frustration from the band, not that this comes off as bad in any way. It did the job of getting the pit riled up, and we ask for nothing more.

Street punk band Infirmities blasted their way onto the stage next. This high-energy band from Salinas plays the type of street punk that does not necessarily involve tons of screaming, but involves a lot of rocking out to. One would expect to hear Infirmities playing in the background of either a skateboarding game or some other live action sports show. In fact, they bear a very similar sound to Avail, but with a deeper angrier tone. For as good of a performance as they delivered, the crowd mainly wanted to see Whitekaps next.

At last, Whitekaps made their way to the stage. For their set only, the venue turned down the lights so the crowd could enjoy Whitekaps after dark. We all know and love Whitekaps for their lewd & humorous lyrics and interesting stage moves, and all the gals in the pit can attest to that. For nearly the entire duration of the set, the pit consisted of all the ladies dashing around the pit, with the occasional guy thrown in there. When it comes down to it, no one can resist traditional 90’s Southern California punk rock. For sticking around the scene this long, Whitekaps has proven their reign in the punk rock music industry, and their fans more than prove it at each and every single one of the Whitekaps shows.

The night’s lineup also included Y.A.P.O. However, I stuck around the entire time and never saw them. I have received confirmation that they did play that night, so they either played extremely early, or way after Whitekaps had ended. Regardless, I regrettably missed their performance, especially for a band I had never seen live before. I feel positive that they will play another show again soon, so I will ensure that I do not miss it. You can ensure that of yourself too by keeping up with the weekly events that I post every Monday here, so see yesterday’s post for this week’s shows and other events in Southern California!

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