The 4th Annual Renegade Craft Fair Summer Market – A New Wave of Fashion

Posted: July 24, 2013 in Art, Events, Los Angeles
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The 4th Annual Los Angeles Renegade Craft Fair returned for its semi-annual Summer Market at LA State Historic Park this past weekend. This free and all-ages event sees thousands of visitors all coming to see over 250 select independent artists, crafters, and vendors all exhibiting and selling their wares. Among all the possible merchandise, visitors could purchase anything from clothing, accessories, home goods (candles, soap, wind chimes, etc), kitchen supplies, artisanal eats (candy, preserves, etc), music records, pet supplies, and so much more. What makes Renegade Craft appealing revolves around every single vendor, all independently crafting their own handmade goods as opposed to manufacturing them in a factory. In addition to the multitude of aisles filled with vendors, Renegade Craft also offers various hands-on workshops, art installations, live DJ’s, a photo booth, gourmet food trucks, a beer & wine garden, and the Yarnover Truck.

If you attended Renegade LA this past weekend, I would love to know what you purchased. Please share your items by commenting on this post, or by posting on my Facebook page. As for myself, I purchased another shirt from MNKR, just like I did last year. They have such awesome shirts that I cannot pass them up whenever I see them – the shirt I bought says “Ping Pong Till I Die” on the front with two crossed paddles.

Keep in mind that Renegade runs twice a year in Los Angeles – the holiday show will occur on the weekend of December 14-15 later this year. As a free event open to the public that lasts two days, Renegade Craft Fair can easily fit into anyone’s schedule. Shop local, and support local business – doing so drives the local economy and greatly benefits your local community.

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