WHAM! BANG! POW! Art Show – Locals Gone Retro

Posted: May 14, 2013 in Art, Events, Los Angeles, Music
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Locals artists and art fans gathered in East LA last Friday night for the second edition of the WHAM! BANG! POW! Art Show. This all-ages art show only cost $5 and lasted from 8pm to 2am, and all during that time, guests could exhibit and/or purchase art, accessories, apparel, comics, toys, homemade treats, and more. A few of the artists exercised live painting demos to sell upon completion. Out in the patio, a few more vendors set up, including the infamous Ninja Turtle Van, and a food truck based on Scooby Doo. Live DJ’s spun all night, and three local bands played a set each later into the next.

For a low entry fee and free parking, this art show definitely should have attracted more people throughout the night. Despite its location in East LA and contrary to the stereotypes, I never once felt any sort of threat or danger, as all attendees displayed great amounts of friendliness. The organizers may not have marketed this properly, as the flyer made this event appear much larger than I actually experienced. Other than a flyer that I received from a show here a few weeks ago, I saw no other marketing or promotions for this art show. Keeping it local keeps the crowd size down, but for this sort of event, organizers should strive to fill the room. Occurring only two night prior to Mother’s Day, anyone could have easily found a cute trinket to give as a gift on Mother’s Day. Hopefully when the next edition of this art show rolls around, we see a lot more marketing, as they deserve a larger audience for the things they do.

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