Voodoo Glow Skulls, Left Alone, & More Wrap Up a Tour with a Cinco De Mayo Show

Posted: May 10, 2013 in Events, Long Beach, Music, Punk Rock, Ska
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When we think of Cinco de Mayo, we think of ska music, and those darn skanking kids that like to dance to that music. Two of Southern California’s premier ska bands, Voodoo Glow Skulls and Left Alone, went on tour last month, and that tour ended this past Saturday, coinciding with Cinco de Mayo weekend. Hosted by DiPiazza’s in Long Beach, this all-ages show only cost $13 to enter, and as always, comes with free parking. In addition to Voodoo Glow Skulls and Left Alone, four other local ska-punk bands graced the small stage in DiPiazza’s known as the Lava Lounge to leave Long Beach skanking all night.

First up in the night, Schizm took the stage… or at least tried to take the stage on time. This punk rock band from Southgate forgot to bring percussion stands, and as a result, they had to go find some, resulting in a 15-minute late start. Once they finally started, a sizable crowd had already gathered, presumably in anticipation of the great lineup of bands for the night, or in fact for the set of Schizm. Either way, for as short as a time period that they ended up with, they rocked a hard set. As the night’s only band without any correlation to ska, Schizm gave all that they could give – just pure energy in the form of hard fast music. Rarely does an opening band garner a tight pit, but the crowd loved the music, and raged hard during Schizm’s short set.

Isolated Victims acted as the ska warmup for the night once Schizm left. With a brass section featuring two trombones and no trumpet, Isolated Victims brought exactly what the crowd desired in a Latin-based ska band. They varied the types of songs in the set, including a few Spanish songs, and pacing between slow and fast songs. Isolated Victims played an entertaining set with no real surprises – just some good clean ska music.

Seeing them again for the second day in a row, South Central Skankers entered the stage third for the night. Compared to the previous night, they had added a trombone player to their set. The set list remained virtually alike, playing almost the same songs in a similar order from the previous night. They only made a few changes to the set based on the location and allotted time. South Central Skankers have mastered their craft of ska music, and delivered a perfect set on this night. No one could ask for anything better, save for the usual hecklers waiting for the headliner. Unlike Isolated Victims, they did not play anything too fast or hectic, so the pit remained smooth and mobile the entire time.

The last of the openers, Profesor Galactico, started his set next with his band. I originally conceived a band called Profesor Galactico, but later found out the name represented just one person. A step away from the night’s ska-punk theme, Profesor Galactico played a mostly mellow set comprised of indie, ska, and reggae. His music combines these genres plus funk, hip hop, hard rock, and other similar genres. As such, the pit remained still during the set, probably in anticipation that the headliners would go on next. They strived to play feel-good music, but perhaps they played to the wrong crowd, as many punks and rabble rousers had appeared in the audience by now. They still received a decent ovation for their performance, despite many people wanting the next band quick.

As the first headliner of the night, Left Alone started their set once lead vocalist Elvis made a grand entrance into the room. Once he set foot onto the stage, they immediately started playing, causing the audience to go nuts in this tiny venue. Left wasted little time during their set, stringing together song after song with little down time. Songs in their set included Wasted Time, I Hate Emo, The Sinner, and Every Night.

Once the final headliner set up, Voodoo Glow Skulls marched onto the stage and immediately started their set with Insubordination. From this point, chaos ensued in the pit, the tiny pit encased within this small venue. As with any Voodoo Glow Skulls show, lead vocalist Frank always enters with a Lucha Libre mask for at least the first song. From here, they continued to play a lengthy set, with songs like Charlie Brown, El Coo Cooi, Voodoo Anthem, Shoot The Moon, El Baile De Los Locos, and many more. They always end their set with Say Good Night followed by Band Geek Mafia. After these songs, security had left the pit area, but unknowingly did not pay attention to the band lingering on stage. Voodoo Glow Skulls went on to play a two-song encore, sans security to monitor the pit. Luckily, much of the crowd did not have so much energy by this point, so nothing too rowdy occurred.

This show’s flyer mentioned two other bands that could not make it to the show: Shoplifters and Niño Zombi. This makes the second night in a row that Niño Zombi did not show up to a show. Regardless, the bands that did play put on an excellent show that all of the attendees will not soon forget. Some of these bands have additional gigs coming up in the upcoming weekends, so follow them all to discover their next show location. Also check in here every week to discover other great shows or events to attend in Southern California!

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