Lindsey Stirling Delights a Sold-Out Crowd in Orange County

Posted: April 9, 2013 in Events, Music, Orange County
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When someone possesses true musicianship, everyone recognizes the talent, no matter what music they listen to. When someone as talented as Lindsey Stirling comes around, music lovers from all over gather to see her show. Last week, Lindsey Stirling’s tour passed by Orange County as she and her crew neared the end of their US tour. To sum up Lindsey Stirling, she plays the violin, plays modern/contemporary music including dubstep, dances, and sings. She can put on an entire show all by herself with her multitude of skills. Since most of her show consists of instrumentals, her show translates well internationally. However, as her roots lie here in America, she tours here prior to setting off on a global tour starting next month.

Opening for Lindsey Stirling throughout her tour, The Vibrant Sound played their set comprised of mixed genres. One cannot classify The Vibrant Sound as one particular genre, as they cover a wide range of music styles. From cover songs to original songs, they play a mix of pop, R&B, hip hop, blues, ska, jazz, country, and more. This mix allows the band to connect well with a majority of the audience, as the music will suit well with just about anyone present.

The tension in the audience reached unreal levels as Lindsey Stirling prepared for her grand entrance. After a voiced introduction, the crowd screamed in excitement when the screen highlighted Lindsey’s silhouette, so much so that the audience drowned out much of the stage sound. Lindsey opened the night with a block of songs consisting of Anti Gravity, Spontaneous Me, Shadows, and Electric Daisy Violin. All during this first set, the audience went nuts for Lindsey, and with as much movement that occurred, one would feel like standing in a rock concert pit. Lindsey closed out this block of songs with a Michael Jackson medley, where she slightly fumbled to wear the glove at the beginning of the medley, much to the chagrin of the audience.

Once this block ended, the stage cleared out for a costume change while the audience watched a mini-clip of Lindsey walking through the back. This short humorous video showed Lindsey walking backstage attempting to thank the audience while dodging crazed fans and requesting amenities from the house crew. Lindsey returned to the stage by the end of the video, and acted like the video actually just happened. The entire audience took the joke, and laughed along with Lindsey and her crew, paving the way for Lindsey to continue this second block of songs, which included Song Of The Caged Bird, Transcendence, and We Found Love.

Following this block of songs, Lindsey made another exit for a costume change, while the vocalist from The Vibrant Sound appeared on stage with three guys. They had pre-selected three guys from the audience prior to the show to participate in a dance contest. The three guys danced to generic music, but their goofy moves did not sit well with the audience. After asking the audience if Lindsey should come out to show the guys some dance moves, Lindsey ran back on and started with Good Feeling while the guys danced on. Truly this final block contained all the songs that drove the audience wild. Lindsey got into a Legend of Zelda medley, which drove the audience into some sort of 8-bit frenzy. After that, Lindsey put her hood on to play Moon Trance, moving and dancing the entire time while her hood remained firmly on her head. This set also contained Zi-Zi’s Journey, Elements, and Phantom of the Opera.

Following a momentary departure from the stage, Lindsey and crew returned for an encore. At first, she played a song that I did not recognize, yet she mentioned that everyone should know the song. Sadly, I could not figure out the song, and I still search for the answer to that question of what song she played at that moment. Finally, as she had not yet played her hit breakout song, Lindsey closed the night with Crystallize.

Missed out on Lindsey Stirling? In early May, she plans to play a few shows on the east coast, but after that, Lindsey will begin touring the world. Her people have not announced any future shows beyond that, so you will have to follow her on Facebook or Twitter to stay updated on the life of Lindsey Stirling. No matter what genre of music you listen to, anyone can relate to Lindsey’s music. Have a listen for yourself on her YouTube channel, and understand why she has captivated hearts across the globe.

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