Angry Samoans, JFA, and more Prove That Once A Punk, Always A Punk

Posted: February 26, 2013 in Events, Music, Orange County, Punk Rock
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Ever stop to think that music genres belong to certain age groups? While many of today’s popular music genres certainly fit some age groups better than others, if you think punk rock only belongs to the young generation, think again. Last Friday night, The Angry Samoans, JFA, and some more of punk rock’s older bands occupied the stage at The Observatory in Santa Ana. Impressively, not only did the show start on time, but with the exception of the first band of the night, every band played a lengthy set, clocking in at roughly 40-50 minutes per band. The majority of the night’s audience had arrived by the second band, due mainly to the night’s amazing lineup.

Social Task opened the show with their 30-minute set. For reasons unknown to me, their set lasted the shortest of all bands in the night. Having seen them at shows over the past few years, I recognized them immediately once they arrived on stage. They truly know their craft, so going first came as a surprise to me, as Social Task deserves a greater crowd than the crowd that slowly trickled in during their set. Regardless, Social Task put on a great show, and everyone who arrived on time enjoyed the music.

Whitekaps played next in the night with their skate-punk music. They market themselves as a skate/surf ‘humorcore’ band, which only came out as the lead singer making lewd and debaucherous comments between songs, and even in some songs. At one point, a female singer appeared after the main singer motioned for all guys to leave the pit so the gals could freely mosh. A combination of their raunchy jokes and harder sound led to the start of the rest of the night’s pit.

Up next, Naked Aggression rocked out on the stage. A handful of people did not know this band, which strikes me down, since the band started in the early 90’s. For those who do not recognize Naked Aggression, a female plays bass, and a female does vocals. Furthermore, their bassist possesses the rare ability to scream. Their anarchistic music maintained the energy in the room the entire time during their set.

Luicidal took to the stage next. Featuring a former bassist and drummer of Suicidal Tendencies, Luicidal displayed the same energy that Suicidal Tendencies did in the past. With a harder sound closer to hardcore, they even played some classic Suicidal Tendencies songs, eventually ending their set with Institutionalized.

The first headliner of the night Jodie Foster’s Army (JFA) played after Luicidal. As one of the most prominent skate-punk bands of all time, the audience never allowed a slow moment in. The pit remained intense, even when JFA played non-fast songs. JFA played hits like Johnny D and Beach Blanket Bongout, and covered classic songs such as the Peanuts theme and Lowrider. Following their set, vocalist Brian Brannon jumped down for a meet & greet. I got to shake hands with him, and I introduced myself as Johnny D, which prompted him to tell me the story of how they came up with the song. Totally rad!

Closing out the night, the Angry Samoans decided to include giveaways during their set. They threw out t-shirts, CD’s, stickers, and posters throughout their set. As an older punk band, I had high hopes for them. Unfortunately, it appeared that they had some problems with their sound at the beginning. The vocals worked fine, but they started out with no bass. After a few songs, they fixed the bass, but then lost some of the guitar sound. Once that got fixed, they lost some of the drums. I wanted to see them put on a great show, but the crowd had run out of energy, and their non-functional sound did not keep the energy up for long.

Looking for punk rock music in Southern California? Check my blog weekly for upcoming events, which may include some shows in your area!

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