When you consider the people behind a beer fest, what type of people come to mind? Do you picture tough men drinking nonstop? Do you envision Irishmen drinking all day at the pub? Perhaps you think of Germans celebrating Oktoberfest. Contrary to what many believe, certain nationalities do not need a holiday or occasion to drink. Who said the Irish clamor over St. Patrick’s Day? Who believes Germans only drink prior to Oktoberfest? Each nation delivers more than the stereotypical beer that people know them for. Take the Germans for example – what else do they drink other than Oktoberfest beers? Have you heard of Bocks? This winter equivalent of the Oktoberfest brew deserves more attention than they currently do not receive. Luckily, Southern California holds an annual beer fest celebrating the wonderful world of Bock beers, and holding true to its location, Bock Fest brings more than just the beer – it brings on the bacon and the burlesque babes.

Taking place at the Arena Nightclub in Hollywood, the 2013 Bock Fest holds true to its roots as the beer fest that celebrates the lesser-known of German beers. Similar in style to Oktoberfest brews, Bocks appear darker and taste bolder, but can range from the paleness of a pilsner to the darkness of a stout. Although this fest focuses on Bocks and other German beers, many other microbreweries served their amazing craft beers as well. Popular breweries such as Lagunitas, Hangar 24, and Fireman’s Brew made an appearance, while the latter actually took home the People’s Choice award for Bock Fest. Rotating live music, a handful of food vendors (including a food truck right outside), wines & spirits upstairs, fortune telling, cigar rolling, and more kept all guests occupied as they guzzled their brews.

Speaking of upstairs, remember my post(s) about Sugar Lounge a month ago? It made a return to Bock Fest, this time as an open lounge to all guests. Just like last time, Sugar Lounge featured a live DJ the entire time, full bar, more beer, and not one, but TWO sexy burlesque shows by the Dirty Little Secrets. As anyone can imagine, this area filled up fast, and remained full for the entire duration of the fest.

Missed Bock Fest? Want to go to another beer fest just like it? I heard they plan to host a St. Patrick’s Fest. I currently have no details about such a fest, but perhaps I shall soon. For the latest in beer fests in Southern California, follow my blog for my weekly events post!


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