Beer Up – Hangar 24 Brewery’s Pugachev’s Cobra

Posted: December 19, 2012 in Beer
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When most people around the world think about beer, they think about a fizzy transparent yellow liquid that men like to drink out of a can. This conception draws from the power of money, that large corporations can continually shell out massive quantities of such a low quality product because of the money thrown into marketing and advertising. When 1% controls 99% of the market, one can afford to dupe the blind customers into consuming any product and believe in the hype. Luckily I see through their foils and seek the producers of quality products. When it comes to beer, I carry high standards and adhere to certain rules, such as not drinking any beer that I can see through. I have no need to worry about the latter when I drink any beer from Hangar 24 Brewery.

What started as a group of friends meeting in an empty hangar for drinks has expanded into a growing legacy of craft beer. Located in Redlands next to the Redlands Municipal Airport (hence the name of the brewery), Hangar 24 Brewery creates some of the finest craft beers on the market today. Hangar 24 features a lineup of amazing and unique beers such as Orange Wheat, their flagship beer. In addition, Hangar 24 deploys seasonal series of beers all year round based on what ties the series of beer together. Hangar 24’s most elusive series, the Barrel Roll series, consists of only barrel-aged beers in small batches made once a year, meaning they tend to sell out fast. I managed to taste their latest Barrel Roll release, the Pugachev’s Cobra. Hangar 24 ages this Russian Imperial Stout in bourbon barrels for at least eight months, resulting in an ABV of 15.8%. This incredibly dark beer smells and tastes like pure candy, so pure that you could taste the alcohol deriving from the candy. The overlaying chocolate flavor encapsulates the vanilla, oak, bourbon, licorice, dark fruits, plum, sweet malt, bourbon, roasted coffee, and maple syrup in every sip. Thanks to the aging process, an unopened bottle of Pugachev’s Cobra bears a long shelf life, and aging it this way actually enhances the flavor by allowing the alcohol to extract from the sugars and syrup, resulting in an ABV greater than the stated 15.8%.

You had better go find a bottle fast. With only 6,000 bottles released on December 8th a few weeks ago, expect to no longer see it for sale anywhere after Christmas. Follow Hangar 24 on Facebook and/or Twitter to find out where you can obtain a bottle of Pugachev’s Cobra locally. If you have the time, head on over to the brewery in Redlands for a great experience, and fill up a growler of any of their amazing beers.

  1. My French Heaven says:

    I don’t drink beer, but I use it a lot in my cooking. With Belgium and Ireland so close, we have access to a great variety… Nice post!

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  3. […] one point, one of the pilots performed the Pugachev’s Cobra, a maneuver which Hangar 24 named one of their beers […]

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