What the Duck? Urge Gastropub’s Duck L’Orange Burger

Posted: November 15, 2012 in Burgers, Food, Restaurant, San Diego
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To standard consumers, the classic hamburger equates a ground beef patty, usually sandwiched between two bun halves. For many decades, chefs and cooks tried not to deviate far from this standard, opting to improve on an existing product. A recipe unchanged throughout that time lingers well among people of all ages. This standard of comfort food still holds well with adult palates, appearing in many eateries and restaurants. Today, modern chefs and cooks accept progress and experimentation in the kitchen in any regards: ingredients, preparation, supplies, methods, etc. Most operate by trial & error, as I have discovered time and time again, to create a masterpiece worthy of an official spot on the menu. One of my recent trial & success discoveries come from Urge Gastropub in San Diego.

Located in a small area called Rancho Bernardo, Urge Gastropub reinvents traditional English pub grub by introducing it in an American setting serving the finest craft beers. The beer selection changes daily based on availability and beer popularity, much like how most other gastropubs operate. As for the food menu, while the menu features typical appetizers and soups/salads, Urge specializes in gourmet burgers, as over half of the main plates contain a burger of some sort. Aside from standard beef burgers, Urge also features veal, boar, rabbit, vegan, and 50/50 beef/bacon patties. A column on the menu called Market Menu contains items available for a limited time. My eyes immediately diverted to this column, where I spotted a Duck L’Orange Burger. On this burger, an 8oz ground duck patty get topped with a house-made cranberry-orange chutney, tomatoes, market baby greens, and Ur-Bock smoky aioli. Get this – they cook the duck patty how you like it. Unlike turkey burgers that only come well done, Urge can cook your duck patty any way you want it, even rare! I questioned my server regarding this, but he assured me that I should not have to worry; thus, I ordered my burger mid-well as I do all burgers I consume.

I have no idea what they put in the duck patty or how they cook it, but boy can you taste the duck in the patty! It has a salty and juicy feel to it that resonates throughout your taste buds, alerting you to the intensity of this duck patty. The patty comes lightly seared, giving a slight crispiness that only further enhances the flavor profile of this burger. Each main course also comes with a choice of side (Hawaiian Style Mac Salad pictured). You can order the Duck L’Orange Burger at Urge Gastropub for $13. Act quickly, as food on the Market Menu will not remain on the menu permanently!

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