Los Angeles Oktoberfest – The RIGHT Way to Host an October Beer Fest

Posted: October 24, 2012 in Beer, Dance, Drinks, Events, Food, Hot Women, Los Angeles
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To make progress, you have to roll with the best. Having the right connections not only nabs you freebies, but also grants you information and resources that you would not normally have access to. Using my expansive network, I discover the greatest hidden gems everywhere I travel, and I thank each and every person for their suggestions. No other contact leads me to the greatest fests in my journeys than the organizers of the Los Angeles Oktoberfest.

The 2012 Los Angeles Oktoberfest took place at The Vanguard in Hollywood this past weekend. An upscale spin to the common Oktoberfests that Southern Californians regularly attend, any attendee would feel assured that they truly received their money’s worth. With beautiful fräuleins at every turn of the head and 34oz stein pours at every flick of the wrist, why would anyone want do anything else during this illustrious time?

The entrance led to the indoors portion of the fest, which contained the main bar, VIP section, food, main stage, and more beer.

Walking behind the stage led to the outdoors portion of the fest, containing another bar, cigars, various vendors, and more beer.

On Saturday, I had the pleasure of working the inside bar for most of the fest with all the lovely ladies. Pouring beers kept me busy for most of the day, but I still had lots of fun. Closer to the end, I finally could venture around, drink, and mingle with the drunk masses.

But before I left, I had to snap a quick photo with the lovely Caitlin:

Sunday allowed me to explore much more, as I did not receive an assigned station. After helping out wherever I could, I set out to take photos.

Later on, I caught up with one of the photographers taking photos from the second floor, who allowed me to come up to the otherwise closed second floor so I could take photos too:

Once the live band ended their set, the DJ started blasting the typical club music, prompting the ladies to get up on the bar to start dancing:

I would like to thank Morandell Imports for supplying essentially 95% of all beers present at Oktoberfest. Their large selection of German and Austrian imports perfectly serve the crowd of Oktoberfest, since these session beers drink much more smoothly than beers at the other Oktoberfests, and carry a higher alcohol percentage, albeit you can barely taste the strength, which the flavors mask.

Want to drink these beers and visit these ladies again before Oktoberfest next year? You will have another chance as early as January! Keep your eyes glued to my blog for hints about this upcoming beer fest. Until then, drink up, and stay safe~


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