Silverado Days – Family Fun Since 1956

Posted: October 23, 2012 in Events, Orange County
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The 56th Annual Silverado Days returned to William Peak Park in Buena Park this past weekend. Free to park and attend, this fair for all ages represented a local version of a typical state fair. From the carnival rides to the prize games to the petting zoo to the food court, fans of state fairs would love the throwback feel of this classic annual city fair. Unlike previous years, guests could no longer purchase wristbands allowing unlimited rides. This year, all rides operated on a ticket basis, each costing less the more guests purchase at one time – a minor setback in keeping up with the times. The food court layout remained the same – a local organization or charity ran each booth, serving different styles of foods, such as a burger booth, ice cream booth, Mexican food booth, Chinese food booth, and so on. Vendors rotate every year, but the location of the vendors remained in the same location too this year.

For a FREE fair, why waste this opportunity to bring your friends and family here? Silverado Days happens at the same place every year on the third weekend of October. However, that means Halloween Haunt always causes congested traffic around this area, less than a mile away from Knott’s Berry Farm. For this reason, I always encourage visitors to either arrive early, or park in the neighborhood west of the park and walk from there. This year, Halloween Haunt did not stop me from revisiting a childhood tradition. Although I may have outgrown what this fair has to offer, I maintain tradition by visiting at least once every year, and you should too.

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