Volunteers Wanted for LA Oktoberfest – Free Admission for Volunteers

Posted: October 11, 2012 in Beer, Burlesque, Dance, Drinks, Events, Food, Hot Women, Los Angeles, Music, Wine
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The 2012 Los Angeles Oktoberfest returns next weekend to Vanguard Hollywood. A step above the other well-known Oktoberfests in Southern California, LA Oktoberfest gives guests the LA spin on Oktoberfest. Whereas other Oktoberfests charge you to enter then charge you for every beer you consume, LA Oktoberfest functions more like a beer fest. Guests pay $35 for admission to enter at 2pm, which includes a souvenir 1-liter stein and one complimentary beer fill. Each food item and additional beers cost $5 each. For $100, guests receive the VIP treatment – early entry at 1pm and unlimited beer pours. The fest ends at 5pm for all guests. For entertainment, LA Oktoberfest not only features the finest beer maidens serving beer, wine, cocktails, and more, but also live DJ’s, Bavarian dancers, accordionists, a silent auction, stein-holding contests, and more.

Tickets for LA Oktoberfest sell out fast every year. Luckily, I can still get a few people in for free as volunteers. Volunteers should work at least three hours between 12pm-6pm on one or both days, depending on the desired day to attend. Volunteer duties include:

  • Assist booths with bottles: opening bottles, putting empty bottles back in boxes, helping pour beers, etc
  • Removing boxes of bottles: taking boxes of bottles to the back area (I will show where they go), bringing empty boxes back to booths
  • Transporting ice: bringing bags of ice to booths, emptying water buckets
  • Assist servers with pouring drinks: I recommend bar experience for this
  • Guest service: answering questions guests may have
  • Fulfillment: generally assisting staff with their needs

In exchange for working, volunteers enter the fest for free, and receive one meal & unlimited drinks during breaks or downtime. The club runs the parking lot, so unfortunately you still would have to pay for parking. You will find the parking lot for this event on the northeast corner of Carlos Ave and La Beig Ave, behind Vanguard. If you would like to volunteer or have any questions, please leave your contact info in a comment below, or tweet me (faster way to reach me) at @OnePunkArmy.

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