Harvest Moon Festival – Chinese Thanksgiving or Over Commercialized?

Posted: September 30, 2012 in Events, Los Angeles
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Arcadia hosted the 2012 Harvest Moon Festival last weekend right next to the Santa Anita Racetrack. Around this time of year, the Chinese celebrate their own version of Thanksgiving with a festival dedicated to the full moon. During this occasion, they celebrate by eating Mooncakes, small cake pastries that contain at least 1,000 calories each. Free to attend for all ages, this festival provided numerous vendors, food, a stage for live entertainment, a play area for kids, and more.

Cutting to the chase, I felt disgusted the moment I walked in because of the over-commercialization. Festivals like these should celebrate the culture by supporting and featuring local mom & pop businesses. Instead, this festival emphasized the commercial sponsors so much so that every vendor affiliated with one of the big businesses. For example, McDonald’s gave away FREE food, and the only food truck present, Calbi, serves under a corporation – the few local food vendors simply could not compete. Other corporate booths & vendors gave away freebies as well, so the few local vendors barely saw any foot traffic. Whatever happened to celebrating culture for the locals? Once I snapped those pictures, I departed due to sheer disappointment. I hope that other similar festivals do not soak up the corporates as bad as this one did.

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