The Chocolate & Art Show (Experience) @ KGB Studios – Overpromised and Underdelivered

Posted: September 27, 2012 in Events, Los Angeles
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The Chocolate & Art Show (Experience) occurred this past weekend at KGB Studios in Los Angeles. What sounded like an amazing event on the website for the low price of $10 sounded too good to come true… which actually happened. In other words, the organizers did not fully deliver what they promised.

First, I shall describe what they envisioned putting on:
Dedicated to LA’s underground artists, this weekend gala will feature live music, incredible art, nude body painting, and lots of free chocolate. Come see over 75 of LA’s top artists, photographers, designers, live nude body painters, and chocolate. Crispy Truck will serve their delicious liege waffles too! Free parking and $10 cover.

Did all of this really happen? Check out my photos, then scroll down to read what truly happened while I stayed.

Based the on pictures, the event looks like a typical art exhibit. Sadly, this show only lived up to the expectations of a normal art exhibit.

When you call an event a Chocolate & Art Show, guests need to expect to see art everywhere and snack on lots of chocolate. While plenty of art adorned the halls, the only chocolate consisted of a small table with Oreos, chopped fruit, marshmallows, and wrapped mini chocolates (Snickers, Three Musketeers, Butterfingers, etc). Two other vendors present sold desserts, but as vendors, those did not come included with admission.

When you advertise nude body painting as a draw for more attendees, at least clarify that paintings will have nudity on them, not that actual people will sit/stand nude for painters and onlookers. Not a single person showed extra skin the entire time – guests could only see nudity in the paintings.

The website also posts a schedule of the weekend’s live music. However, only one band played in a few hours, and the schedule did not match at all.

After about half an hour of waiting for something to happen, I began to regret leaving Autumn Lights early just to see this event. The description left me with that “More! More!” feeling, which quickly dissipated the longer I spent at KGB. Did I end up arriving at a bad time? I figure Saturday night equals primetime, and thus the best of the weekend should occur at that time. Alas, for a weekend where everyone went out to do something, this show at KGB severely disappointed for not living up to expectations.

  1. Dear Johnny Duong,

    We read your blog review on our last art show and were so sorry to see that you didn’t have a good time. Our team is composed of a few people and we work really hard to try and make sure that everything goes smoothly, this is not always possible. There will be actual nude body painting at this coming show, as there was at the last art show, unfortunately it ended early Saturday night as we were short on both body painters and models. As for the lack of chocolate, we apologize for this as well, and assure you there will be plenty of chocolate to be enjoyed at our next show. We want to invite you back this coming weekend. If you would like to come it would be free for you and a couple friends and we hope that you enjoy yourself and are able to see us in a new light.

    Hope to see you at our next show.

    -The Chocolate and Art Team

  2. […] This chocolate and art show that occurred in September returns for another installment this weekend for $5 per person. If you plan to attend, do not carry high expectations. […]

  3. SilverFox says:

    I agree with you, we paid full price online and were quite disappointed. For starters if you didn’t have a ticket you got in quicker because that ‘line’ was shorter and went to the same place. The promised chocolate was minimal and meant a very long queue to be able to dip something in a chocolate fountain ( was expecting chocolate makers distributing free samples and an opportunity to buy chocolate). The music was okay I guess but the sound was very badly mixed (you couldn’t hear the vocals). Drinks were terribly overpriced (and another long queue). The art was good as were the vendors but we had done it all in about 15 minutes – a dollar a minute each plus drinks was not good value for money. Definitely oversold as an event.

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