Autumn Lights – Disney’s Electrical Parade Has Grown Up

Posted: September 26, 2012 in Events, Los Angeles, Music
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Remember the famous theme song to Disney’s Electrical Parade? Perhaps you may have even watched the parade in person before? If you fondly remember that parade, then Autumn Lights @ Pershing Square will take those memories, enhance them, and throw them back at you in a puff of sparkly lights. A free event that occurs annually on the weekend closest to the autumnal equinox, Autumn Lights invites artists and performers from all over to exhibit their work in this after-dark setting. All participants must supply their own method of lighting for whatever they exhibit – paintings, sculptures, 3D renderings, dance shows, and more. Many of the exhibits even encouraged guests to interact as well! I had arrived shortly prior to sunset, so I took as many photos as I could with natural sunlight.

Take a look at this exhibit that caught many people’s attention as it operated:

This glass circle consisted of four quadrants: two clear glass quadrants and two mirror quadrants both lie across from the center of the circle, attached to a gear that guests could spin. By spinning the gear, the circle created a half mirror/half glass image such that if you place two people or objects on opposite sides, you see a “ghost” or superimposed image of the two people or objects. Once guests found out how this exhibit functioned, many flocked over to see it in action. Personally, I spent at least 15 minutes gazing in awe at such a cool and creative invention.

Once the sun fully set, all the lights simultaneously powered on, revealing a spectacular show of lights, dance, music, art, and more.

Truly a marvelous sight for no entry fee, Autumn Lights redefines art by portraying it in its inverse setting. Whereas traditional art occurs in light on a light base, Autumn Lights focuses on no lights and that the art must create its own light or function differently without light. Those who remember Disney’s Electrical Parade will see Autumn Lights as the grown-up version of it. Make sure you remember to bring your friends and family to visit Pershing Square in Downtown Los Angeles next year to check out Autumn Lights, a spectacle you do not want to miss.

  1. Debi Cable says:

    Debi Cable’s blacklight koi fish was here first installation at Autumn Lights ! this years Altervision 3D installation blew peoples minds!

  2. Rula Kaliroi says:

    This was the best event I have been to and participated in…The creator and everyone were an inspiration. Altho next year it might be at a different location so check with the official Autumn Lights LA website…

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