What The Duck? Beachwood BBQ’s ‘Build Your Own Poutine’

Posted: September 13, 2012 in Food, Orange County, Restaurant
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Whenever a new unique food appears, I usually pursue it until I can devour it. If food involves meat, the less common the meat, the more likely I will find, order, and eat it. Although common, I never turn down pork. Now it seems that people love to eat duck as well. What better way to eat both pork AND duck than by allowing guests to construct their own dish?

Two weeks ago, Beachwood BBQ of Seal Beach followed up on their popular Build-Your-Own-Mac-And-Cheese series with a new Build-Your-Own-Poutine night. Similarly to its predecessors, guests may choose what goes into the dish, from the type of carb to the gravy to the cheese to even the fat to fry it in. I tell everyone that Beachwood BBQ has the best Mac & Cheese I have ever eaten, so seeing poutine offered now delighted my soul. For my particular poutine, I chose the following:

  • Plantain Fries
  • Fried in Duck Fat
  • Traditional Mozzarella Curds with Humboldt Fog cheese
  • Duck & Herbs gravy
  • Basil, Thyme, Tarragon
  • Garlic, Butternut Squash, Fennel, Dried Cherries
  • Venison, Antelope, and a Fried Egg on top

Sadly, Beachwood BBQ did not offer actual duck meat for the poutine.

Keep in mind that Beachwood BBQ rarely hosts nights like this. Expect to see either this again or something similar every 2-3 months. With this level of quality, you do not want to pass up another opportunity to build your own epic creation.

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