The 3rd Annual Orange County Brew Ha Ha – Disneyland For Adults!

Posted: September 11, 2012 in Beer, Events, Food Truck, Music, Orange County
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When one claims the best of anything, people quickly speculate that claim as hogwash. For example, if a product claims to work ten times better than the leading brand, then why does that product not lead the market? Do the testimonials prove anything else, or do the testimonials get bought? The 3rd Annual Orange County Brew Ha Ha arrived at its new location at Oak Canyon Park this past Saturday, living up to its proclamation as “Southern California’s BEST Beer Festival!” Featuring over 40 breweries, 5 food trucks, plenty other food vendors, FREE sodas, live music, games, and more, I assure you that no other beer fest in the past few years in Orange County lives up to the proportions of OC Brew Ha Ha.

The massive venue area contributes the most to the success of OC Brew Ha Ha. Despite the incredulously long VIP line, guests began entering five minutes prior to the fest’s start time. Fortunately, all volunteers and brewery staff knew not to pour until the time began. Upon entering, one can quickly feel overwhelmed trying to figure out where to find what. Oak Canyon Park has much to explore, and OC Brew Ha Ha did not even use the entire park area! (earlier this year, Punk Rock Picnic used the entire park space)

Food trucks at the entrance

Initial view upon entering

One of the many food vendors

The row behind the pond, to the right when entering

Cismontane, one of the local breweries along the back row

The second half of the park

The path to the second half, to the left when entering

At about 2pm, firefighters put on a Scottish music performance, complete with bagpipes and kilts:

With a vast venue, plenty of vendors, a variety of beer & food, entertainment, and more, time flies by for any guest at OC Brew Ha Ha. The average consumer cannot possibly experience everything within the alotted four hours. Just like Disneyland, guests would require a few days to experience it all. In that case, I cannot wait until OC Brew Ha Ha returns next year. You really ought to attend too, so block out the first two Saturdays of September next year, since I do not know which Saturday it will happen on again. No other beer fest in Orange County can top OC Brew Ha Ha, because it triumphs over all.

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