Preview: The 4th Annual Busker Fest in Downtown Long Beach

Posted: August 23, 2012 in Events, Long Beach, Music
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The 4th Annual Busker Fest returns to Downtown Long Beach this Saturday night starting at 5pm. Like the Long Beach Funk Fest, various bands will perform on buskers in the East Village Arts Districts on 1st Street between Elm and Linden, with the headliners playing on the main stage situated at 1st & Elm. Except for the main stage, all non-headlining bands will play their music on buskers – large flatbed trucks instead of stages. This gives a more traditional, old-time feel to the music, and provides guests a glimpse of how these types of bands used to “busk” many decades ago. Free to attend, fans of music will surely want to come here and show support for the bands they like. Actual support comes in the form of wooden nickels that guests may purchase to “tip” the bands as they busk. The band with the most wooden nickels at the end of the night wins a grand prize from the organizers. Bliss 525 will host a beer garden, while TacoRog will host an on-site food tent, although I strongly encourage you to check out the local restaurants and cafés, as they will likely carry better food and service than a food tent. Volunteers will staff a bike valet located just north of the main stage, but for those driving, you may park in any of the parking structures immediately east of Pine Avenue between 3rd Street up to 6th Street for free for up to 2 hours. For long-term parking. your best bet at free parking lies to the east in the neighborhoods past Alamitos.

Planning to attend Taste of Brews Long Beach this Saturday? If so, after that ends, spend time sobering up at Busker Fest, just a 10-minute walk from Taste of Brews. Sneak a peak at what to expect at Busker Fest:

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