Long Beach Funk Fest – Questioning the Safety of an All-Day Street Party Open to the Public

Posted: August 22, 2012 in Events, Long Beach, Music
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The Long Beach Funk Fest covered the streets of Downtown Long Beach this past Saturday. Starting at noon, lasting all day, and completely open to the public, this free music festival showcased many local funk bands across multiple stages and two main stages. A large main stage blocked Pine Avenue right at 3rd Street, while the other main stage took over the parking lot behind Dave Schneider. Smaller stages filled Pine Avenue between that main stage and Broadway, with numerous dance parties (dance circles) in between them all. A kids’ zone, arts & crafts, dancers, vendors, and more took up the rest of the parking lot in front of Congregation Ale House. In this same area, Beachwood BBQ hosted a beer garden with their brews plus a few guest brews.

For those who attended the Long Beach Zombie Walk last year, you would have witnessed a very similar outing. For a fest open to the public, the crowd saw all sorts of people, good and bad. With no way to regulate the entrants, police and security had to step up their presence, reducing the effectiveness of police patrols outside of downtown. Even with the increased security, many hooligans still managed to stir up trouble and harass some attendees. These types of events greatly reward locals, but event organizers need more care when filtering out the trouble-makers. As fun as it should seem, I shall return next week with higher hopes. Until then, the same organizers have Busker Fest this upcoming Saturday, so if you want to see free another Downtown Long Beach music festival, head there this Saturday night.

The rest of the pictures I got from Funk Fest:

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