Nekromantix, The Casualties, Down By Law, Lower Class Brats, Flatfoot 56, and The Sheds @ The Observatory

Posted: August 7, 2012 in Events, Orange County, Punk Rock
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The Tonight We Unite Tour wrapped up at The Observatory this past Sunday night. Bands on the bill include psychobilly band Nekromantix, legendary hardcore punk band The Casualties, punk band Down By Law, street punk band Lower Class Brats, Celtic punk band Flatfoot 56, and punk band The Sheds. Other local bands have made guest appearances during the tour, such as Narcoleptic Youth. On Sunday night, I had arrived just before Flatfoot 56, meaning I already missed The Sheds and Narcoleptic Youth.

The first band I got to see was Flatfoot 56. If you have heard any song from Dropkick Murphys, then this will sound very familiar. A punk rock station on Pandora Radio may occasionally play Brotherhood.

A neat scene occurred during their last song, when members from all the bands on the tour stormed the stage to “play” the final song with Flatfoot 56.

Up next was Lower Class Brats. I had been looking forward to seeing LCB, being one of the 90’s bands on the tour. Two of their popular songs, Who Writes Your Rules and Just Like Clockwork, received much praise from the crowd. They kept the the energy, while the pit maintained their own energy.

Following Lower Class Brats was Down By Law. At first, the crowd did not seem very enthused, while the pit only consisted of two girls. Eventually, the energy picked up, especially once they played their cover of I’m Gonna Be (500 Miles). As an added bonus, frontman Dave Smalley, formerly of All and Dag Nasty, played two songs from Dag Nasty at the end of their set.

With Down By Law complete, everyone geared themselves up for The Casualties. A Casualties show is no joke – this is one of the most intense shows one will witness. From the violent pits to the reckless stage dives to the security storming, this is not for the weak. For a majority of their show, I could not move – I had to succumb to the natural movement of the crowd.

Strangely but not surprisingly, many had left after The Casualties. After such a brutal show, I figure those who could not handle the crowd should not stick around for Nekromantix. Albeit they are not as intense as The Casualties, Nekromantix still brought on an unforgiving pit.

What an intense night. I had not even planned on going, but my night opened up, so I decided to try to get tickets. To my surprise, the show never sold out, despite what appeared as a full house. Being an all-ages venue, a handful of kids were scattered around the venue. A full bar was still available, and I saw many minors drinking. But hey, I was once young like them, so I am not in any position to judge. Next time a show this epic rolls around, I will be sure not to miss it.

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