San Diego Brew Fest – The Flagship of (Solo) Beer Fests in San Diego

Posted: July 24, 2012 in Beer, Events, Food Truck
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At my current rate, I attend a beer fest roughly once every two weeks. After last week’s fiasco, I needed a successful one for a change of pace. I had already known that Hangar 24 Brewery was holding a Belgian Fest, which I had planned to attend, so I did not expect to do anything else that day. Eventually, I found out about The San Diego Brew Fest going on the same day, put on by the same folks who run LA Beer Fest and OC Beer Fest. Nonchalantly, I posted on a friend’s Facebook that this event was coming up. I initially did not expect her to actually want to go, but because she expressed interest in attending, I caved in and bought tickets. She also mentioned that she had never been to one, so I decided to purchase VIP tickets so she could enjoy the full experience. This only backfired on me because I did not expect traffic to be as bad as it was that afternoon, so I ended up arriving an hour after I had wanted to arrive. We eventually entered the fest at 2:30.

This beer fest at Liberty Station had lots of space to work with, not to mention being 90% on grass, which is very convenient to guests. The fest covered the entire grassy area west of Slater’s 50/50 in a large park of sorts. A beer fest on grass is a good thing, because guests that currently have beer that they 1) do not like, or 2) need to pour out to try something else, can easily dispose of their beer, as opposed to searching for a dump bucket, and trust me – for as necessary as they are, dump buckets are horrible things. Plenty of breweries were present, and the sectioning of breweries must have been carefully crafted and not just randomly thrown together. For example, all of the Orange County breweries were in one section, all the Northern California breweries were in a section, and European beers were all in their section. On hand to feed the guests were eight food trucks from San Diego (I did not recognize food truck any expect Devilicious).

After such a positive experience (sans my own prior fault of arriving late), I believe the San Diego Brew Fest is the flagship of solo beer fests in San Diego. I say solo because Beer-Con takes place in San Diego annually, covering an entire weekend. Almost everything went right… too right. Sure I can be nit-picky about improvements, such as more restrooms or more local brick & mortar restaurants serving food instead of just food trucks, but the organizers covered all grounds as to what makes a beer fest run smoothly. Perhaps those Manhattan Beach people can learn a lesson from these organizers. I should not praise or shame anyone else, lest I end up on someone’s bad side. Just know that this is the type of beer fest you want to go to if you want an unforgettable experience.


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