‘Christian Dasilva Has A Posse’ And That Posse Contains ‘The Aquabats’

Posted: July 24, 2012 in Events, Orange County, Punk Rock, Ska
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Christian Dasilva was not only the sound man for The Chain Reaction, but he has also toured with many bands, including The Aquabats. The Aquabats, along with Starpool and The Makeup Sex, played a show at Chain last night as a benefit concert to his family following Dasilva’s death. Thanks to OC Weekly Music for posting about this show.

The Makeup Sex opened the night with their grunge set. Although musically talented, Twitter people in the audience did not think so. Inside Chain is a screen that shows what people are tweeting when they include the hashtag #chainchat in their tweet. Most of the tweets showed disdain towards The Makeup Sex, comparing them to the likes of Nickelback and Creed. I did not believe the sound to be that bad, but this was not what I came here for.

Up next was Starpool. I had heard of Starpool prior, and knew they are a ska band. I must say that for a band I had never heard of, they put on quite a show. Their set was entertaining from the beginning to the end. I especially enjoyed watching the brass players, as they utilized the entire stage instead of simply staying in place the entire time.

In the final photo, the lead singer comes into the audience to sing from there.

Before The Aquabats took to the stage, I got a chance to see their set list.

The last song is Burger Rain.

As soon as the lights darkened, everyone in the audience threw up the Aquabats symbol.

And then in typical cartoon superhero style, The Aquabats stormed onto the stage. After this, there is nothing else that can be said – The Aquabats blew the roof off the place. With relentless energy and sound, The Aquabats not only just performed their music, but had some cartoonish antics between songs.

Right before getting to Super Rad, some former band members appeared onto the stage: Doctor Rock, Prince Adam, and Chainsaw the Prince of Karate. They had their moment to shine, but really this was meant to be a break for the band, as they spent a lot of time talking.

Once they got to Pool Party, perhaps the most unexpected scene (to me) occurred on stage. The band called up kids to come onto the stage. Each kid was introduced to the audience, then was informed that if they go crowd-surfing, they would be treated to free candy (Chain is an all-ages venue; thus there is no alcohol, just candy and soda available). A few of the kids declined the offer, while the rest took to the sea of crazy punks. During each kid’s surfing, The Aquabats would play snippets of other known punk songs, such as Minor Threat and Suburban Home.

The little boy in green was the most apprehensive, but was eventually coaxed into trying the pit when his dad came to the front of the stage and assured him that he would be fine.

After wrapping up Pool Party, The Aquabats briefly exited the stage, but I knew that they would come back to play a couple more songs. The audience knew too, as they continuously chanted “Where Was The Captain?” until they returned for their final two songs. At the end of the night, the band auctioned off their neoprene outfits, with all the proceeds going towards Dasilva’s family.

There will be more benefit shows for Dasilva’s family. Check the Chain Reaction website for further dates. Knowing his music history, any benefit show is something that neither I nor you should not miss.

  1. David says:

    Such a great show. I had never heard Starpool, those guy really know how to put on a show.

    Did The Aquabats actually play Burger Rain? I left right when the auction was starting.

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