Finding Foie: Taco Maria’s Duck & Foie Gras Tacos

Posted: June 22, 2012 in Foie Gras, Food, Food Truck, Orange County
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My neverending Foie Gras Food Tour leads me to Taco Maria, a gourmet taco truck based in Orange County. I had no idea they made this until I saw their tweet stating that they were cooking up a Foie Gras taco. Intrigued that a food truck not named Vizzi Truck was serving Foie Gras, I had to track them down and order it.

These Duck & Foie Gras Tacos come with red cabbage curtido, cherry, and jalapeno, albeit I did not taste the jalapeno. Taco Maria does not disappoint – Chef Carlos Salgado serves some mighty tasty tacos, and his work is evident in these tacos that you simply must try while you still can. Until the CA Foie Gras ban kicks in on July 1st, you can savor these tacos from Taco Maria for $12.

  1. […] love to order just a plate of the meat and consume it a la carte. Taco Maria has boldly carried foie gras on their truck before, and served it a week prior to the ban. Besides this, they also featured […]

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